Thursday, 5 December 2013

Running Advent So Far

I might be writing this with a smug smile on my face, but...

I've just done four days of running. For those of you who've been 'round here before, you know that's HUGE!

Being a day behind, I ran two miles before Tuesday's WoD with former marathoner-and-triathlete-turned-CrossFitting-maniac extraordinaire Ross before going on to do the day's WoD. That way I had my mile and a half out of the way as well as made up for Sunday's. It's always nicer to run with company and have someone to chat with and although a hairy boy will never replace my beloved running bud Anna, it was alright. Sometimes you just have to settle for second best.

On that high note, G got to feel my new-found running enthusiasm on Wednesday morning as I dragged him out for yet another two-mile run. Strangely enough his schedule suddenly filled up right then and there when I mentioned running again sometime.

But joking aside, it's nice to increase your mileage gradually and on such small scale because it makes things seem that much more manageable. Also, I have to keep in mind that wonky knee of mine, which definitely made itself felt by the end of the day yesterday. After all, I've gone from no running in, like, forever!... to four days in a row. Luckily a hot and sweaty Bikram session seems to have sorted that out for now.

Today, deserted by husband and hairy and/or ginger running partners, I decided to take on the whopping 2 1/2-mile run by my lonesome self. In order to avoid any loss of motivation, I went down to the box to start my run from there, giving myself no excuse either to pull out of the run (what would I do hanging about the cold box for half an hour?) or the WoD (if I was already down there...).

I don't know if anyone's been following the news, but apparently we're due another super storm. Well, I think it's already happening. My mile and a quarter run out was done mostly horizontally, arms pumping, continuously spitting out debris and whatever else had flown into my mouth, trying to get some forward momentum going.

On the flipside, the run back was easy breezy and my pace roughly 2 1/2 min/mile quicker. Also, this happened alongside me, which I could actually witness being in an upright position for a change: 

So four days in and I feel like I'm finally remembering why I like this running malarkey so much. It's great to cycle to the top of a hill, to get a lifting PB or make it through an extra sweaty yoga session, but nothing, nothing will ever give you the kind of high that running does!

Total weekly mileage so far: 7 - not quite the 74 miles I ran in February, but it's a work in progress...

What's your favorite thing about running?


  1. Yay- that must feel awesome to be running again!!! When I saw your photo on IG I was awed by the beauty of the ocean crashing. So gorgeous and lucky you get to run there!
    I don't think I can name my favourite thing about running...probably how it makes me feel!
    Happy streaking!

    1. Thanks. Yes, I did miss it!
      I got the sea, you the mountains, we'll just have to swap sometime. ;)

  2. Wicked, good work Jen. I also have wonky knees and can't run at the moment, but I'm learning to be OK with it and try and rest/recover. x

    1. Easier said than done, ey?! Let's hope we'll be back to normal one day soon.

  3. Excellent, I am very chuffed for you - I am currently injured and can't run which leads me frequently to think about the best thing about running. I reckon it is the freedom and the way in which I can go out for a run in a foul mood and come back smiling, even if I am covered in snow, mud or soaked to the skin.
    Awesome picture by the way.

    1. That is my favorite reason precisely. Sorry to hear about your injury and fingers xed you'll be back in fighting shape before too long.


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