Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Blue Monday and a Giveaway to Make up for It!

You know those mornings when you get up and things just aren't right? You didn't sleep as well as you should have, despite going to bed at just the right time. You wake up feeling disorientated and you know this day might just be a bit off.

So then you get on your bike to go and work out (because exercise solves all, right?!), despite it being cold and frosty outside, because you've decided that short cuts just aren't good enough anymore. So unless it's pissing it down with rain or blowing a hurricane, you will cycle to CrossFit (because driving half a mile to your exercise class is just pathetic). When you get to the box, instead of doing the lazy thing and wheeling your bike indoors, you decide to be a grown-up and lock your bike up outside, like you're meant to. You turn the key in the lock, it closes, and suddenly you're left with half a key in your hand, while the other half is still stuck in the lock.

You sneak in, unbeknownst to everyone, and rush to the bathroom to sort your emotional self out. It's time to WoD. Thank goodness for endorphins. This, and G's bolt-cutter should do the trick. After taking almost four weeks off and having struggled through last week's sessions, today's doesn't seem quite as difficult anymore. It's heavy week and the lift du jour is an overhead squat at 85% of your 1 rep max. That would be roughly 32kg. You manage 32.5kg and although it feels tough, like real tough, you get through it. 

Then comes the WoD. It doesn't look too bad. Five rounds for time, 7 x pull ups (yes, back to the bands because apparently if you don't practice them, you'll loose them!), 7 x burpees and 7 x shoulder-to-overhead presses. This is where the lack of fitness (or the high standards of heavy week?) come to show. Twenty-five kg for the lift it is. At least it's done in under nine minutes. Thank you endorphins. Life's good again. For now.

A quick snap of the crazy-legging-Monday crew and you're off to grab your stuff. One of the coaches offers to look at the lock to see whether the key can be salvaged. But where's your coat? With your keys in it? And your post-workout bar? Turns out, one of the other girls accidentally wore your jacket home. Stranded at the box, sans keys, sans warmth and, most importantly, sans food, the endorphins quickly evaporate into thin air.

You're lucky to have a knight in a shining van come to your rescue. But despite their best attempts, neither the husband nor the coach can manage to bolt-cut their way through the bike lock. That's great, isn't it. What an amazing lock. Except for today.

So now you're back home and your bike's at the box. At least one important lesson has been learnt today: 

 Always, always, always have a backup bar stashed away in your gym bag because you never know who might take off with your coat! 

In order to help you avoid ever encountering an equally annoying conundrum as I have today, together with Cocofina (you might remember them from this post), I'm giving away an entire case of their awesomely scrumptious organic coconut & date snack bars. That's 24 bars. That means you have enough to stash away in your car, your coat, your various bags and even leave some in ultra-secret hiding places around the house for just in case!

While it's my main mission to help cure your hunger with this little giveaway, it's Cocofina's mission to help alleviate hunger of those really in need, some might say that's a much nobler undertaking than mine. Here's what they have to say: 

Cocofina, founded in 2005, is the leading European brand of coconut water and distributed by all of the top health food distributors, sold in 2,500 speciality and premium stores such as Wholefoods, Holland and Barrett, Waitrose, and exported to 18 countries. 
Website: www.cocofina.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Cocofina/140783995935811
Twitter: https://twitter.com/CocofinaCoconut

Cocofina will donate 10p for every case of our products sold across the globe to Action Against Hunger, and we have pledged to raise a minimum of £5,000 every year.

Action Against Hunger assists over 7 million people every year, in over 40 countries. ACF was chosen because of its ethical policies, global reach & incredibly low administration costs.

Recognised as a leader in the fight against malnutrition, Action Against Hunger ACF International saves the lives of malnourished children while providing communities with access to safe water and sustainable solutions to hunger.

With 30 years of expertise in emergency situations of conflict, natural disaster, and chronic food insecurity, ACF runs life-saving programs in some 40 countries benefiting seven million people each year. 

Other than producing some very tasty drinks and now bars, I think this sounds like one awesome cause to get involved in and the fact that this charity was chosen because of its low admin costs means it rocks even more. 

So, how can you get your hands on these bars? Tell me your best coping tactics for dealing with a day-gone-wrong. Alternatively, share the best place to stash emergency food for just in case. The best, funniest or randomly chosen post will win a case of Cocofina's snack bars.

Comment below or...

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* Sorry, sorry, sorry, but please note that Cocofina can only deliver to a UK mainland address but don't let that stop you from dishing out some much-needed advice. 



  1. How did someone take your coat??? :(

    My quick fix for a day gone wrong is usually just to lie down. I rush around 99% of the time (kids-work-commute-cook-exercise-etc.) so sometimes when sh*t's hit the fan I just go up to my loft bedroom and lie down. Sooo nice :)

    As for emergency food - I don't stash it in weird places, just my drawer at work. So boring, I know!

  2. Sorry about your day, hope your bike is free now!
    Generally if my day is going wrong it happens pretty early on, so I treat myself to a nice coffee and if it's really bafplan a pudding for the evening. Hell yes a bit of emotional eating for you! Planning something soothes my soul, planning next weeks meals or planning my weeks workouts helps me feel back in control of the day :)

    I have emergency food everywhere as most of my friends can attest to, my pockets, handbag, desk, the airing cupboard, my boyfriends car, my Mums house, basically I am NEVER without an emergency snack and mini bottle of water. Often it's not me that ends up eating it, it goes to other hangry people in need

  3. ah man. When it rains it pours!!
    My solution for a day gone wrong is to give. up. stop trying to fight it and let yourself take an hour to lie on the couch and be still. Just like your body needs rest when you're physically ill, your mind also needs rest sometimes - and people forget that.
    I also agree with Steph that getting something done so that you can look forward to the next day can help because the next day you can bounce out of bed and take the day by the balls!
    But yea trust me I have these types of days all the time. Tomorrow is a new day my dear x x

  4. What a day! Good on you for keeping going and not letting the little (albeit A LOT of little) things get you down. My solution is to grab a my favourite treat du jour (currently a large pack of Smarties and/or Matchmakers) and turn my heated blanket on and just lie in bed with a good book. Just like Nicola above, rest (and chocolate) is good.

    x Laura

  5. Ah- what a frustrating morning! I totally know when I wake up when I'm feeling 'off'.
    Hey- sounds like you're doing awesome with your fitness despite taking four weeks away!
    I have two coping mechanisms for a day gone wrong: 1) fake it til I make it (usually works) 2) chocolate! I'm not kidding- if I can't fake it, chocolate always helps!
    Count me out of the prize, although those look awesome!

  6. What a challenging day! One thing after the other is so frustrating... I would def not have held it together so well! When I have a bad day I nearly always turn to chocolate :) But putting on a funny comedy show or episode of a TV show distracts me and lifts my mood.

    And i always have a nakd bar stashed in my handbag!
    Beki x

  7. What a horrid day Jen! Not good, not good at all. My way of coping when my day goes completely wrong is to reach out and speak to someone I know will cheer me up, whether it's my mum, who usually puts my bad days into perspective for me, or one of my girlfriends, so I can gossip away the bad day.

    As for snack storage, I'm spending more and more of my life wearing scrubs on hospital placement, and whilst I'm sure the pocket over my right hip is meant for practical shizz like a stethoscope, it also fits a 9bar in for emergency snack situations!

  8. Sorry about your bad day!

    I like to get in, maybe pour a nice glass of wine, maybe it's a cuppa & piece of my fav coffee cake (depending on my mood) and scroll happily away through Pinterest. By the time I've looked through a million pretty craft pictures, fitness tips. And motivational quotes (my fav - I have a bit of a thing at the moment for motivational quotes!! I'm sad like that!! :) my mood has definately perked right back up again!! :)


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