Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Easing Back into Training... Yeah Right!

What does any semi-intelligent person do after a week of zero exercise? They ease back into their regular routine.

I never said that I was semi-intelligent.

So last week was pretty full on. After getting the all-clear from my physio on Tuesday, I went straight into my pregnancy Pilates class (taught by that same physio, so it’s ok). It might not sound like much, but let me tell you, Pilates hurts. Maybe not so much at the time, but it’ll sneak up on you and boom, you’re sore as a mother…

Wednesday morning I finally made it back to CrossFit. Between the focus and the WoD, I must have totaled something like a gazillion squats. Needless to say, I couldn’t walk on Thursday.

Instead, I decided to try out my newly acquired pregnancy Pilates DVD. I figured getting my Kegels on more than once a week is probably a good idea. It’s pretty slow-moving but still hits the right spots. So despite being a bit bored throughout, I could definitely feel my muscles working.

Friday I headed back to CrossFit for another torture workout sesh. Instead of even more squats, I worked on my strict press, and then did the WoD with only a few modifications. While everyone was on the floor doing a gazillion sit ups, I was doing knee-raises instead. And, lucky me, I don’t have to do full-body burpees anymore either. Instead I do ‘normal’ people burpees, i.e. the kind of movement that everyone else except for CrossFitters recognizes as burpees: you squat low, jump into a plank, jump your legs back in, get up, jump, clap, repeat. Oh, and more air squats.

On Saturday I finally allowed myself a day of rest, it being the Sabbath and all… Instead, I worked for half a day and then went out for dinner with a friend. We went to Pho, a Vietnamese street-food restaurant, where I polished off a three-course meal! Hot damn, I hadn’t eaten that well in a while.

And so then it was Sunday morning and, after fueling with a PB&J bagel, I happily got on my beloved road bike to meet the super-fit Cathy and her awesome boyfriend Mark. The two are currently in serious Ironboy-training mode (i.e. a half Ironman), which they’re gonna take on and kill sometime in July. They invited me along for a ride and promised they’d take it easy on me.

Obviously they lied.

Somehow those two sneaky kids tricked me into riding a whopping 37 miles instead of the promised 30. Also, there were a lot of hills. A LOT!
I wish you could tell the incline on that picture. Maybe the painful expression on my face gives it away?!
On the straight I didn’t have any trouble keeping up (at least with Cathy – unless she was just being nice – Mark has legs as long as I’m tall, so no chance of keeping up with him!). The hills were a different story. Aside from being unable to catch my breath on even the slightest incline (thanks BabyG!), an hour into our ride, my newly recovered legs made themselves heard. Like a lot. Like they were having a screaming fest, cursing me and wondering why I hated them so much.

The only problem was that at that point we’d already cycled 15 miles out of Brighton. I had to get home somehow.

I’ll spare you the details, but it wasn’t pretty. The two Ironboys-in-the-making were a stellar support team and cheered me up even the tiniest incline, only to feed me full of Haribo and positive energy whenever I reached the top. Rides like that I could do anytime (minus climbing Devil’s Dyke until after due-date)!

So, three hours, twenty-three minutes and five seconds later, having burnt a total of 1,355 calories on my 37.06-mile bike ride, I finally made it home. I rewarded myself with an ice shower (to sort out the legs), a kilo of carrot sticks and hummus, and half a margharita pizza – none of which I have any photographic proof of as I gobbled it down in about 2.2 seconds.

So yeah, last week’s training may not have been the most gentle way of getting back to being active, but it sure as heck was a lot of fun.

What’s the funnest workout you’ve done recently? 

Favorite Asian food? Always, always Thai for me!!! 

Favorite long-ride/run fuel? PB&J all the way...  


  1. Way to go mama!

    I'm really getting into our Sunday morning bouldering & rock climbing again. The kids love it too and it's a great upper body workout.

    1. Thank you. Bouldering sounds awesome. We have a center not far from us and I'll definitely be checking it out post-baby!

  2. Well done Jen, yup that is nothing like easing yourself back in! Funnest workout, for me it has to be cycling for an hour to the stables, riding a horse for a hour and cycling back :) Brilliant fun, you would think I would have better leg muscles than I do though! I think it is being outside and there are similarities between cycling and horse riding although my bike rarely spooks at cats!

  3. Ha- that was quite an extreme way of easing back into it! I bet people took a double take of you riding with your belly- so cute! Hope your legs have recovered now!
    My favourite asian is also always thai,and the spicier the better!


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