Thursday, 15 May 2014

When Two Become Four

Things have changed A LOT ‘round here this year. For one, I have barely blogged. This time, though, I have a semi-good excuse. And I’m also about to eat my words… but don’t worry, I’m good at that. Even though I’m pretty opinionated, I’m also the first to admit when I’ve made a mistake or changed my mind. As, in this case, by about 180 degrees! So, here it goes…

Two Itchy Feet is about to become four! And although I’ve always sworn that being pregnant is something personal and not something that I’d want to advertise on the Internet, for the whole wide world (or you five readers out there) to know, I’ve learned that nothing is really how you expect it to be when it does, finally, happen to you – the pregnancy thing that is.

So yeah. I’m growing a little human inside of me. I’ve known since just after a wicked-fun and wine-fuelled weekend with the girlfriends in mid-February. Of course! I’m coming up to 18 weeks now, which means I’m not even halfway through this whole thing. So I figured that if I wanted to keep blogging, it might become an issue, especially as some of those selfies are starting to look suspiciously, ehm, rounded?!

I always swore to myself that I would carry on just as normal if I ever got pregnant. I’d continue running, cycling, CrossFitting, and just being my active self until, pretty much, the ball dropped.

Then the universe decided to teach me a lesson.

So over the last few weeks and months I’ve had to come to accept that no, you don’t really carry on as ‘normal’ because things aren’t ‘normal’ anymore. Even if you’re really, really lucky, which I consider myself to have been so far, and experience no nausea, sickness or any of those other icky symptoms, things still change and there’s nothing you can do about it. Suddenly, growing another human being inside of your own body is on your mind constantly and you second-guess every other decision you make. Can I still cycle? Should I be going up to my 1-max rep for this lift? Are handstands safe? Am I eating too much chocolate? [Yeah ok, that last one never happened!]

It’s obsessive but it just happens. You’re no longer responsible for just yourself and things that you never spend another thought on suddenly take on greater meaning.

So there you are: the BIG (well, currently size of a sweet potato) news has been revealed. And the reason why I’ve decided to write and blog about being pregnant after all is because I’ve found good sporty advice shockingly scarce. Sure, general advice is that you should stay active during pregnancy for both the mother’s and baby’s health. Then you get a list of suitable activities: walking and swimming.

But there’s nothing much out there for people like me: people who consider walking an everyday activity and need something a bit more sweat- and endorphin-inducing. But what’s safe? What can and shouldn’t you do?

I’m by no means suggesting that I’ve suddenly become an expert. Heck no. I’m guessing my way through this pregnancy and all the challenges that it’s brought with it so far. I’m asking a gazillion questions: moms, grandmas, GPs, coaches, physios, no one is safe from a ‘So, in YOUR experience…’ questioning. I’m picking everyone’s brain to figure out the best way for ME to get through this pregnancy in a fit, healthy and sane manner.

So, the first lesson I learned about pregnancy? It’s that no two women are the same and no two pregnancies are the same, so what works for one person might not work for the next. So what you’ll find here are my very own experiences, my trials and my errors [this is where I’d have a disclaimer that you should always talk to your doctor first and never take what I say for anything but blabber]. If you find what you read over these coming months helpful or even just remotely interesting, then all the better.

So thanks for sticking around so far and let’s see what crazy developments these next five months will bring!


  1. I rode my road bike to work until 20wks with my 1st. Then I walked at least an hour a day, sometimes more, and I did prenatal yoga which was awesome. With my second I walked a lot but nothing else. I still didn't gain much additional weight though and continued to walk a lot when both of my babies were born. With the second I did Buggyfit here in London and that was good fun. Once he was 1 and I had stopped breastfeeding I started running and then came Crossfit and all the other insanity that's in my life right now :D

    I'd say - don't worry, walking and swimming will keep you adequately fit during your pregnancy. I do love Crossfit just as much as you but like you, I would not be swinging kettle bells around when pregnant. Lots of women run while pregnant but I didn't try so I can't give you any advice there :(

  2. I am seriously beyond excited for you two! I'm so happy you decided to blog, and I'd love to read your take on everything!
    Haha- love that you found out after a boozy girls weekend!
    And I'm glad you haven't experience nausea or sickness or anything!

  3. P.S. This is only the second time I've been able to comment on any blogspot in months - so happy it went through!

  4. Thank you guys!!! I'm pretty thrilled myself. :D


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